San Francisco days, San Francisco nights

I’m not sure if this is something the fine folks in scoreboard operations have done before, but I noticed during batting practice tonight that all the songs had "San Francisco" in them, from local music icon Chris Isaak’s "San Francisco Days" to "San Francisco (Open Your Golden Gate)" to Vanessa Carlton’s "San Francisco" to the theme from "Streets of San Francisco." Pretty subtle, but pretty cool.

After the game, in honor of Orange Friday, there was a fireworks show. Somebody once told me the best fireworks show they ever saw was at a Giants game at AT&T Park, and though I can’t really see the show from the pressbox, I’m not likely to disagree. They shoot off the fireworks from a barge on the Bay, which has to be pretty neat.

After the game, just as the fireworks ended, the scoreboard flashed the notice that the Giants picked up Shea Hillenbrand from the Blue Jays. It was a lot of fun to see the sellout crowd gradually start to notice the message and excitedly poke their neighbors, saying, "Hey, look!" I’m sure it made the fans’ ride home even more electric, knowing the Giants are just a half-game behind the Padres after Matt Cain’s gem and offensive help is on the way.

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