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Vizcaino and Finley

One of Jose Vizcaino’s sons tries to get the out on one of Steve Finley’s boys.

Omar Alfonzo

Omar Alfonzo heads for first — and beyond.

Audrey Kline

Steve Kline directs his daughter, Audrey, to run to first base.

The Schmidts

Jason Schmidt watches with his family, including son Mason.

Group shot

The Wrights, the Worrells and the Vizcainos line up for introductions.

Eliezer and Omar Alfonzo

Omar Alfonzo stretches with his dad, Eliezer Alfonzo.

Finley bats

One of Steve Finley’s three sons takes his turn at bat.

Brad and Emma Hennessey

Emma Hennessey gets some help batting from her father, Brad Hennessey.

Schmidt and Alou

Moises Alou asks Mason Schmidt if he can borrow his bat.

Feliz and Groeschner

Pedro Feliz and trainer Dave Groeschner watch the action with their children.