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Seats_big2_1 I first became a Giants season ticket holder in 1993, and since 2000, I’ve had a pair of amazing seats in the Arcade section atop the right-field wall at AT&T Park, right where Bonds’ 73rd home run in 2001 landed (the view from those seats is at right).

But even though I think there’s no better place to be than watching a Giants game at AT&T Park, the best ballpark in the country, I sit in those seats perhaps twice a season. That’s because I’m lucky enough to have a job that allows me to sit in the lower pressbox for just about every home game, working for as an editorial producer.

Whether I’m sitting out in the Arcade or in the pressbox, however, one thing remains the same — this is an amazing place to be. Though I don’t often experience the game from a fan’s point of view these days, I know exactly what it’s like and how special it is, coming to the yard. I love getting that free orange giveaway cap, buying that ballpark dog that tastes better than anything you could ever get in a store and taking in everything that happens, from the chicken dance they play when a Giants player is intentionally walked to watching the ferry dock right behind the outfield wall at the Marina Gate to hearing Tony Bennett sing "I Left My Heart in San Francisco" as fans slowly, reluctantly leave the park. I think Dog Days is an absolute kick in the pants, I love to show my friends the actual cable car sitting beyond center field and I can’t wait to bring my niece to play ball at Little Giants Park out in the Coca-Cola Fan Lot.

So what I’d like to do in this MLBlog is share with you what’s neat about AT&T Park, whether it’s features of the yard that folks might not know about or upcoming promotions and special events or just cool stuff that happens during a game.

I hope my insider’s view of AT&T Park will be interesting both to those who’ve only seen the ballpark on TV and also those who are here on a regular basis. I think next to the outstanding ballpark operations staff, I possibly know this place better than just about anyone. I’ve photographed just about every nook and cranny of it, and I’ve even spent the night here more than once.

I want to hear from you as well — what do you like about coming to a
Giants game, what makes it so much more special than watching the game
on your couch or your computer.

So welcome to the corner of Third and King. Hope you have a great time.


nice site man. keep up the good work!

I clicked every link! Great article, Chris. Thanks

I live in Oakland; I’ve only been to the SF park once, and that was this year. My description of the experience is on my blog at


Life, Baseball & a certain outfielder the Giants should get

Great description of your trip to AT&T Park, Kellia. It’s always nice to hear when “outsiders” give our beautiful park a thumb’s up, and you provided nice details about the yard.

Thinking of sitting in 150, Row 1 for June day game. Good call ? Can you tell me more about the arcade section…150 in particular ?

I’m an avid Dodger fan and I usually don’t go to other teams sites to cause havoc, but recently we’ve been getting a load of trash talking from one of your local psycotic fanatics…here is an recent exerpt from our LA times Blog:
“Your Dodgers are doomed.

Schmidt may never pitch again.

Penny implodes during the 2nd half of the season. Several of your pitchers have more HRs than Nomar. Kent is geriatric.

The Giants will overtake you with their power and pitching. Even if Zito has been mediocre, he’s still been a heck of a lot better than Schmidt.

The Padres and D’backs will overtake you, too. You will be lucky to avoid last place in the NL West.

Posted by: Tim McCuddahy | June 22, 2007 at 10:02 AM”

Can anyone please bring this lunatic to the local “psyc” ward.


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