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Don’t I know you?

caincalendar.jpgAs we sit here hoping the rain holds off long enough to get at least part of this game in (it’s been dry for the last hour), some of the players participated in the now-traditional ritual of handing out Opening Day calendars to unsuspecting fans as they entered the gates at AT&T Park.

While most fans were thrilled to get their calendar from Matt Cain and snap a few photos, one gentleman held up his hand and shook his head when Cain offered a calendar.

At another gate, some fans couldn’t identify new reliever Jeremy Affeldt, but he took it in stride when one fan wished “Brian” a great season. “I’m not Brian [Wilson], but thanks!” Affeldt cheerfully replied.

Below, a young fan is so engrossed by the calendar, he doesn’t even notice a player is the one handing it to him. After being told, he stared with his mouth open for a full minute.


Bet your shirt

playershirts.jpgIf you’ve ever thought about buying a Matt Cain player T-shirt, today would be the perfect day to do so at the AT&T Park Dugout store.

As part of the Dugout store’s “Shutout Saturday” promotion, not only is that shirt (along with selected other player T-shirts) $5 off on Saturdays, if Cain pitches a shutout today and you’ve purchased the shirt by the sixth inning, you’ll receive a baseball autographed by Cain himself. And even if he doesn’t, hey, you’ve got a cool shirt for $5 off.

The Dugout store also has a “Walkoff Wednesday” promotion, where player T-shirts are again $5 off, but this time, if a player hits a walk-off home run, you receive his autographed ball. I suppose you could still pick up that Cain shirt you’ve been eyeing, but I’d think the likes of Bengie Molina or Aaron Rowand might be a better bet.

Then again, if it’s the bottom of the 15th inning and Bruce Bochy’s run out of position players, he could do worse than tap Cain, who has four career long balls.

All-Star Saturday

Saturday’s pitching matchup alone — All-Stars Tim Lincecum and Brandon Webb — should be worth the price of admission alone, especially when bleacher and view reserved seats are $11 off thanks to the ongoing K-Zone Ticket Offer. The first 20,000 fans will also get a Giants Greatest Moments postcard set.

If you get to the ballpark early, don’t expect to see batting practice. Instead, you can catch the always entertaining Family Softball Game, in which the children of the Giants players and coaches get to take over the field for their own contest. Here are some photos from the 2006 event (I wasn’t at the ballpark for last year’s game) — wow, none of those players are still with the team.

cain_bobble_180x150.gifSunday’s giveaway, when the Giants wrap up their lengthy homestand, will probably be one of the most popular of the year — Matt Cain bobbleheads. Get there early, since lines will likely form several hours before gametime. It’s also a matchup of Cy Young-winning lefties: Barry Zito vs. Randy Johnson.

So which is cooler, a Matt Cain bobblehead or the Crazy Crab bobblehead?

By the way, Friday’s Forever Giants Friday guest was Tito Fuentes, who’s now a color commentator for the Giants’ Spanish-language broadcasts.