Bet your shirt

playershirts.jpgIf you’ve ever thought about buying a Matt Cain player T-shirt, today would be the perfect day to do so at the AT&T Park Dugout store.

As part of the Dugout store’s “Shutout Saturday” promotion, not only is that shirt (along with selected other player T-shirts) $5 off on Saturdays, if Cain pitches a shutout today and you’ve purchased the shirt by the sixth inning, you’ll receive a baseball autographed by Cain himself. And even if he doesn’t, hey, you’ve got a cool shirt for $5 off.

The Dugout store also has a “Walkoff Wednesday” promotion, where player T-shirts are again $5 off, but this time, if a player hits a walk-off home run, you receive his autographed ball. I suppose you could still pick up that Cain shirt you’ve been eyeing, but I’d think the likes of Bengie Molina or Aaron Rowand might be a better bet.

Then again, if it’s the bottom of the 15th inning and Bruce Bochy’s run out of position players, he could do worse than tap Cain, who has four career long balls.

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