Perfect setting for Opening Day

(UPDATE: Apologies for the videos accidentally being marked as private. That’s been changed, so you should be able to view them now.)


Fans line up to enter the ballpark for the Opening Day party.

Giants fans had to like Monday’s Opening Day in Houston, where Tim Lincecum was brilliant, new Giant Mark DeRosa bashed a homer, John Bowker showed off a nice glove (and bat) and Brian Wilson was downright filthy in the ninth.

fanswatch.jpgBut the fans who showed up to AT&T Park for the CSN Authentic Opening Day viewing party REALLY enjoyed the day. They got to watch the game on the high-def video board, surrounded by fellow orange-and-black faithful, eating a free hot dog and getting an autograph from Vida Blue and Jeffrey Leonard. Here are some of them getting excited for the first at-bat of the season (love the guys jumping out of their skin with excitement in the dugout):

(More photos and videos after the jump — click “Continue reading”)
Fans could also take their hacks in the Giants batting cage, as the
fellow in the video below did (hey, making contact is always good):


Fans get a photo with Jeffrey Leonard and Vida Blue
loutakespic.jpgLou Seal helps out by taking a photo of fans in the dugout.

freehotdog.jpgFans get their free hot dog vouchers.
bigkrukkuip.jpgGiant Kruk and Kuip figures were a big hit.



    Thanks for posting videos as ‘private’ then restricting their viewing to your ‘friends’.


    Jeffrey Leonard is a real nice guy when it comes to fans at the autograph booth, you can tell the way he talks to everyone and he was always standing up and hugging the fans for the non-stop pictures. “Nice guy” is an understatement.

    I can’t say the same about Vida Blue was telling people to “get out of here” if they wanted to take a few pictures with him. Too old to get up from your chair, Blue?

  3. ThirdandKing

    Apologies for accidentally uploading the videos as private. That’s been corrected and they should be viewable now.

    As for Vida, I’m sorry to hear that you had a bad encounter. He’s also a very nice guy in my experience with him.

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