UNOFFICIAL weather update

UPDATE — 7:15 p.m.: PLAY BALL!

UPDATE — 6:45 p.m.: It’s been mostly dry since they removed the tarp, with an occasional misting. Some of the Rockies have been warming up in right field, and Bob Howry played catch with Jeremy Affeldt in front of the Giants dugout a little while ago.

Bengie Molina just came out in full gear to warm up with bullpen catcher Bill Hayes. And I think they’re pretty confident about starting the game, since after having the tarp folded in half in left field since they first removed it, the grounds crew has the drum out to roll it up and take it off the field.


UPDATE — 6 p.m.: After a brief period of downpour, it’s dry again. They’re taking the tarp off right now, so this might be that window we’ve been hearing about.

raintarp.jpgUPDATE — 5 p.m.: The gates opened an hour early at 4:15 so fans could watch the Giants take batting practice, but obviously, they’re not taking BP tonight. There is a very happy group of kids already here, though, all wearing matching Giants rain jackets and huddled at the corner of the dugout where Tim Lincecum is signing autographs.

I have no clue what this actually means, having no meteorological expertise whatsoever, but Accuweather’s neat animated radar page appears to have less green stuff offshore now, so stay hopeful. The rain appears to be nearing stopped for the moment here at the yard, where the 1987 NL West-clinching game is airing on the video board.

3:45 p.m.: While I cannot speak for the Giants in an official capacity, I’m happy to provide some insight into what’s going on here at a wet AT&T Park and the possibility of ball being played tonight.

One thing that’s important to understand: Barring a typhoon, no decision will be made about whether or not the game will be played until very close to gametime, or even after. The reason for that is simple: Weather is a nutty thing. No one can truly predict it, especially in San Francisco

Look at Opening Day — all reports were that there was ZERO chance the game would be played, and not only did it start right on time, it didn’t rain a drop until the game ended.

So if you’re trying to decide at 4 p.m. whether to come out to the yard, you’ll have to make that call on your own. Right now, the Giants have every intention to play the game if the weather allows. The grounds crew has several pumps running on the tarp and they’re squeegeeing water off it as a very faint rain is falling.

According to, the chance of rain drops dramatically sometime in the 6 p.m. hour, which means there’s a good chance they’ll at least be able to start the game and try to get in the required five innings. Again, just my amateur reading of that page, not anything official.

Stay tuned for updates here and at


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