Easy on the wallet

Just a quick reminder of a couple of ticket specials this week:

For Monday night’s game, the K-Zone Offer gets you $10 off selected bleacher and view reserved tickets, thanks to the 10 strikeouts that Monday night starter Tim Lincecum and Tyler Walker racked up in Lincecum’s last start. Use code GIANTSK when buying tickets online.

On Tuesday, get $11 bleacher and view reserved tickets thanks to NBC11. Use code NBC when buying tickets. The first 20,000 fans get the fourth in the Gamer poster series. This one is my personal favorite: Bengie Molina, who “stands in front of freight trains.”
molina.jpgOne final note for Tuesday: It’s also Singles Night II, so if you think the perfect date would be a fellow Giants fan (and who wouldn’t?), this event’s for you.

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