League of nations

Monday kicks off Asian Heritage Week at AT&T Park, with four nights devoted to celebrating different Asian cultures. Fans who buy special tickets sit in the heritage night seating section and receive a special Giants-themed gift available only to those with the special tickets.

Monday: Chinese Heritage Night (cap)
Tuesday: Korean Heritage Night (T-shirt)
Wednesday: Filipino Heritage Night (T-shirt)
Friday: Japanese Heritage Night (Masanori Murakami bobblehead, in honor of the former Giants pitcher who was the first Japanese player in the Major Leagues)

asianweek.jpgEven if you don’t have tickets for the special seating section or commemorative gift, each night will include pregame and in-game cultural entertainment. Check out a couple of videos, one from last Friday’s Mexican Heritage Night, featuring the Xiuhcoatl Aztec Dancers, and one of a lion dance troupe from last year’s Chinese Heritage Night.

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