Badge of honor

croix_pin_180x150.gifIn case you need another good last-minute reason to attend tonight’s game (assuming the K Zone offer for $5 off select tickets hadn’t already enticed you), it’s Commemorative Croix de Candlestick Night on this Orange Friday.

In 1983, the Giants launched a promotion to celebrate those hardy souls who stuck it out for an extra-innings night game at Candlestick Park, awarding a Croix de Candlestick pin. You can tell the true diehards from the Candlestick days by the rows of orange pins circling their caps. Tonight’s pin is a black version, but it still boasts the motto from the original pin: Veni Vidi Vixi (“I came, I saw, I lived”).

Almost forgot: It’s also Forever Giants Friday, and tonight’s special guest, who’ll be signing autographs down the third-base line before the game, is shortstop Johnnie LeMaster. Here’s a shot from the last Forever Giants Friday, with Robb Nen.


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