BondsSaturday’s game was preceded by one of the most popular promotions each year, on-field photo day. The first 3,000 fans with cameras get let onto the AT&T Park outfield, penned in by a rope, and the players circle the group to pose for photos.

Fans line up hours ahead of time for this — I passed by the ballpark seven hours before gametime and saw folks already staking out spots in line on the Portwalk. It’s worth it to get some great shots and interaction with your favorite players.

It’s understandable that some players, concerned about getting sick, either don’t shake hands or choose to wear batting gloves. What’s interesting is that for years, the player who is usually the last or one of the last to leave the field, sometimes up to 30 minutes after the scheduled end of the event, is Barry Bonds. He seems to really enjoy the interaction, probably in part because all he has to do is smile and shake hands (autographs are strictly forbidden at photo day).

Here’s a photo gallery of photo day.

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