Friday night lights (and tin cup)

The Giants got swept at AT&T Park this past weekend, continuing an unsettling trend where the Blue Crew has won eight straight in San Francisco. But on a chilly Friday night, fans could at least try to forget some of the pain of losing with another nifty fireworks show. There’s only one other fireworks night currently scheduled for this season, on May 25, so get tickets now if you want to catch it along with a contest against the Colorado Rockies.

The weather cleared up in time for Saturday’s game, which coincided with Kids Opening Day. The pregame concert by The Sippy Cups seemed to go over well with their target audience — which is The Wiggles-age crowd — but the non-kids had a mixed reaction to them, especially after their offbeat rendition of the national anthem.

Here’s my first attempt at a Canon Powershot video clip, an idea I totally hijacked from’s Mark Newman, who did it during last year’s playoffs. Yes, it’s The Sippy Cups. But check out the folks getting their groove on to them.

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