The Muppet Show


Giants mascot Lou Seal has a lot of friends in the mascot world. He usually travels to visit some of his buddies at their home ballparks each season, and some of his pals drop by AT&T Park from time to time.

Today, Lou played host to Gapper, the mascot of the Cincinnati Reds, who was kind enough to take time off from chasing Lou around the field to greet some of the Junior Giants gathered on the field for Junior Giants Day festivities.

GapperThe kids, nearly 5,000 of them, clearly enjoyed the day. They got to parade around the field before the game, holding signs proudly declaring their league — from Oregon to Las Vegas to San Luis Obispo. They loved seeing themselves on the Astrovision screen, and a few even got a special surprise treat as Moises Alou stopped to sign some autographs on his way off the field after working out with trainer Stan Conte. It did bring the parade to a screeching halt, of course.

Junior Giants were involved in all of the game presentation, from the national anthem to the first pitch to the seventh-inning stretch. Each kid got some sort of Giants souvenir, and they got to enjoy a Giants victory on top of everything.

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