April 2008

Practice run

Last Monday, 3,300 fans got to experience Opening Day without having to travel all the way to Los Angeles. They showed up at AT&T Park for Comcast SportsNet’s Authentic Opening Day celebration, which gave fans the chance to take batting practice on the field, see Willie Mays unveil the new Comcast SportsNet sign on the outfield wall, eat free dogs and watch the season opener live from L.A. on the massive high-definition video board.

Though the result of the game wasn’t what people were hoping for, it was a neat experience, and all for free. Fans even got in a nice round of “Dodgers suck!” at one brave soul who dared to wear a Dodgers jersey to the event.

Some photos from the event:


(left) Batting practice

(right) Renel and Willie Mays


Unveiling of the new outfield sign.

Visions of the future

missionrock.jpgI’ll have more about Monday’s Comcast Authentic Opening Day event at the ballpark soon, but I wanted to point out an article I wrote about the Giants’ proposal to develop the piece of land where Parking Lot A and Pier 48 south of AT&T Park stands. It would be called Mission Rock and is a very ambitious and exciting project. My article focuses on the elements of the project most likely to interest Giants fans, so check it out.

Note that this area WILL be developed, whether it’s the Giants doing it or not, so it’s in the team’s best interest to make sure it’s done in a way that doesn’t negatively impact the ballpark or the neighborhood.

Giants fans interested in learning more about the project can visit the Mission Bay Visitor’s Center at 255 Channel Street (near Parking Lot A) at 10 a.m. before the Giants-Cardinals game on April 12, or after the game in the lower box seats behind the third-base dugout.